About the brand


Sip Gin Co. is a boutique distillery specialising in the creation of artisanal, infused gins that redefine the traditional gin-drinking experience. The core focus is the meticulous crafting of premium gins infused with unique and unexpected flavour combinations. Using a blend of traditional distillation techniques and innovative infusion methods.

The challenge

Sip Gin Co needed a brand identity and packaging, with the goal of increasing brand awareness, stand out from the crowd and growing their business. As a new brand, they are looking for consistent and cohesive visuals, that will reflect who they are. They engaged The Brand Mixologist to provide designs that would take their business to the next level.


We developed a full brand strategy including their ideal client, brand attributes definition and messaging. The brand strategy was translated into a visual identity (logo suit, colours, typography) and packaging. The Brand Mixologist also designed a new professional and cohesive website, to showcase the product and its branding. In the future they might start selling their products online in their website.

Scope of the project

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Label Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Website Design

The Storie

Sip Gin Co contacted The Brand Mixologist looking to create a brand identity. Victoria, the founder of The Brand Mixologist worked on the project since the starting phase, the brand strategy, helping to get their  mission, vision and core values clear and documented.


Our mission is to bring our customers unconventional infused gin products that have been crafted from natural ingredients and enhanced using nourishing plant materials. Through our name, products and culture we strive to bring a sense of happiness to our customers and bring them joy and fun.

Vision statement

Sip Gin Co offers unconventional gin infusions to bold and adventurous women from all cultures.

Brand values

  • Unconventional
  • Bold
  • Inclusive
  • Unpredictable

Brand discovery

The Brand Mixologist focused on discovering Sip Gin Co’s ideal target customer and analysing their competitors. Understanding the customer journey is key, helping identify where ideal customers are, what appeals to them, and how to guide them towards purchasing beverage products. Once the ideal customer and their journey are clear, we focus on translating Sip Gin Co’s brand attributes into visuals (logo design, colours, fonts) and crafting cohesive messaging, packaging and website design.

sip gin co branding design primary logo 01
sip gin co branding design primary logo 02
sip gin co branding design primary logo 03


Sip Gin Co.’s tone of voice is vibrant and spirited, reflecting its values of being unconventional, bold, inclusive, and unpredictable. Across communication channels, whether on social media, website, email newsletters, or during events and tastings, the brand maintains a playful and engaging voice. Using witty language, clear yet lively messaging, and a warm, conversational approach, Sip Gin Co. invites its audience to join in the excitement of its brand. With a focus on creating memorable experiences and creating meaningful connections, Sip Gin Co. ensures that every interaction feels personal, welcoming, and authentic.


As Sip Gin Co.’s goals were to grow and increase brand awareness, stand out from the crowd, and start expanding their business, we wanted to ensure that every aspect of the visual identity reflected these ambitions. Our approach involved translating the brand strategy into a visually compelling identity by creating their logo design, colours, fonts, and image style, focusing on their brand values, ideal client, and brand personality. The objective was to craft something memorable, bold, fun, and undeniably attractive to the target audience.

mango & chilli gin sip gin co branding
sip gin co branding desing sticker with a person wolking on the streetmockup
sip gin co branding coasters mockup


Labels and packaging play a critical role in attracting customers, setting products apart from competitors, and ultimately securing purchases. In developing the branding for Sip Gin Co., we carefully considered various elements such as label and box materials, textures, and options for future additional items like gift cards, thank you cards, and insert flyers. Ensuring consistency across all touch points is vital for establishing a strong and cohesive brand identity, and packaging serves as one of the most significant components in achieving this goal.


The final step of The Brand Mixologist process was the design and development of the Sip Gin Co. website. We carefully gathered pertinent information provided by the client, including content copy and professional photography, and aligned it with the brand’s goals to create a website aimed at showcasing the product, brand, and its personality to facilitate further business growth. With the brand’s aspirations to expand sales to other bottle shops and larger alcohol chains, it was necessary to establish an online presence that accurately reflects and presents the products. Thus, the website was designed to highlight the unique features of Sip Gin Co.’s offerings and create a compelling platform for engaging potential partners and customers alike.

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