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Hello there, I’m Vicky, the face behind The Brand Mixologist, where I blend my design & cocktail passion and stir captivating visuals that make your brand the one everyone thirsts for.

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Your brand mixologist and your go-to partner for creating captivating visual identities, websites and packaging for your brand.

After shaking up ideas for few months, I found my values and goals perfectly blended, leading me to craft my own creative studio, The Brand Mixologist.
I’m a firm believer in crafting brands that blends intentional design with creativity — a recipe I bring into every project.

With a passion for design and a zest for strategic thinking, I specialise in helping entrepreneurs in the food and drink industry to find their unique flavour and infuse it in their businesses.
Picture your business sparkling in the industry, reaching your ideal customers and pouring in more success.

Let’s mix up a recipe for success and take your brand to new heights!


It all began in Chile, where my academic journey took me through the intriguing world of Nutrition & Dietetics. But my love for design was brewing quietly on the sidelines. When I landed in Australia, I found myself immersed in the dynamic hospitality industry – working in cafes and restaurants, savouring the diverse tastes and textures of the industry.

Before Australia, I knew my heart belonged to design, so I enrolled in a Graphic Design College. I didn’t just learn a new idiom; I embraced a new creative language, landing to my first design job almost two years ago, where I design packaging and labels for food products.
Now, with a growing appetite for branding, strategy, and websites, I’ve poured all my passion into The Brand Mixologist.

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Amaretto Sour

Go-to Coffee?

Strong Skim Cap

Workspace Vibes

Organised Chaos

Favourite chilean sweet


Let’s make your brand as memorable as your signature dish. From colours to fonts, we’ll stir up a visual identity that captures the essence of your culinary journey.

MY approach has its secret ingredients

At The Brand Mixologist, I’m not just designing – we will mix the perfect recipe for your brand (the strategy).
Your brand identity needs to resonate and capture the essence of your unique flavour. I’ll serve it up in a visually delicious way.

MY approach has its secret ingredients

So, whether you’re a cozy coffee corner, a stylish cocktail haven, or a delightful bakery, let’s stir up something extraordinary together. Your brand story is waiting to be told, and I’m here to make sure it’s as memorable as your favourite cocktail or dish.

cocktail shaker shaking cocktail ingredients


pouring a pink drink in a cocktail glass

Let’s chat about your brand, maybe you’ve already stirred up a solid foundation, have regular customers, but now you want to upgrade your visual identity from DIY to a more professional-looking. You’re not just looking for a makeover; you want a design mixologist who’ll infuse your brand with the same passion as you create your dishes, products or cocktails!

It’s not just pretty designs; it’s about creating a visual identity that resonates with your current customer while inviting new ones to the table.

Whether you’re expanding your offerings or products, adding new flavours, or gearing up for a significant milestone, I’m here to elevate your brand with a touch of creativity.



My mission is to empower passionate entrepreneurs with unique brand identities that captivate their audience and drive business success. I am dedicated to providing creative, strategic, and personalised branding solutions that reflect the unique essence of each client’s business. 

No matter where you stand on your business adventure, I’m here to help and support you. You will feel confident taking the steps of building a strong online presence and crafting a one-of-a-kind brand that truly represents you, in your own awesome way.

Brand Values

I’m all about the power of creativity to make brands come alive. I infuse every project with originality, innovation, and aesthetic excellence, giving your brand a unique and captivating edge.

I love working hand-in-hand with my clients because I know that the best results come from open and collaborative relationships. I’ll actively listen to your ideas, respect your vision, and work towards shared goals to create something extraordinary together.

Your brand is one-of-a-kind, and I celebrate that! I take the time to understand the heart and soul of your brand, crafting authentic identities that resonate with your audience and build lasting connections.

With honesty, transparency, and professionalism at our core, I build trust and foster long-term partnerships with my clients. You can count on me to be reliable and dedicated to your brand’s success.

I’m always hungry for growth and improvement. By embracing learning opportunities and staying ahead of industry trends, I help you thrive and grow your business, unlocking your brand’s full potential.

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Ready to Take the Next Sip?

Download my price menu today, and get a taste of what’s possible for your business. Your recipe for branding success awaits!

Branding Strategy is the Recipe, Identity is the Garnish

Like a cocktail's recipe guides its creation, brand strategy guides my brand's design process. The identity, like a garnish, adds the finishing touch that captures attention and enhances the experience.


Let’s craft a visual identity that will have your audience raising their glasses to your unique flavour. Let’s work together to design your signature brand and website. Together we mix creativity, strategy, and a touch of cocktail-inspired fun.
Cheers to creating a brand that truly stands out!

the brand mixologist brand identity and website design amaretto sour cocktail victoria galleguillos graphic designer