Designed for passionate business owners who want to make their mark both visually and digitally. Let’s infuse your brand identity with the vibrant essence of a tropical paradise and design a functional website.

A Sip of What’s Inside

graphic designer mixing a mojito cocktail on a white table and a white brick wall in the background

Just like mixing the perfect mojito, I’m here to infuse your brand with the right ingredients, discover your unique flavours and create a refreshing experience that keeps your audience’s thirst for authenticity and creativity.

You’ve stirred up your online presence but maybe the results aren’t quite sparkling yet. Or feeling like your delicious creations are getting lost in the online world?

You’re in the right place to infuse your brand with the right blend of creativity and strategy and design a captivating website that invites your audience to explore and convert.
Can you imagine what you’ll feel when your brand identity and website come together like a perfect mojito recipe?

A glass of confidence with a dash of creativity, based on a made-for-you recipe (the brand strategy) – all blended harmoniously to create a refreshing and unforgettable brand and online experience.

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close up of a woman making a mojito cocktail, adding mint leaves on the glass


Crafted with purpose, a brand identity designed with intention, blended seamlessly with strategy and creativity. You’ll receive a comprehensive logo suite, adaptable for various sizes and platforms, along with distinctive branding assets that truly capture the essence of your business. The result? Your brand won’t just stand out; it’ll leave a flavourful, memorable impression on your audience.

3-4 weeks

  1. Brand Questionnaire
  2. Brand Strategy Session
  3. Brand Strategy & Creative Direction Document
  4. 2x Moodboards
  5. Complete logo suite
  6. 2x Round of revision
  7. Colour palette selection
  8. Typeface & Fonts selection
  9. Brand Guide Sheet (One page)
  10. Upgrade to our Brand Style Guide Document
  11. 2x Collateral item design (Business Card  |  Loyalty Card | Thank You card | Brand Pattern | A4 Price List)
  12. 4x Instagram Post templates
  13. 4x Instagram Story templates
  1. Website questionnaire
  2. WordPress website landing page design and build (1 page – up to 6 sections)
  3. Basic SEO best practice
  4. Tablet and Mobile friendly
  5. 1x round of design revision
  6. Video training covering basic updates
  7. Access to premium agency level plugins (up to 3 months)
  8. Website mockup video and static image to share upon launch
  9. 3 months free Gin Tonic Hosting Plan
  10. 2x weeks tech support post go live
  11. SSL Certificate
the brand mixologist brand identity and website design passionfruit cocktail graphic designer desk and cocktails

LET’s Make your brand so enticing that your customers crave more!

From a robust and intentional brand strategy we will build your visual identity and a customised WordPress website, that ensures your business not only looks delicious but also has a vibrant and cohesive online home that convert visitors into customers.

graphic designer woman close up drawing on an ipad their brand icons, on a white desk with a passionfruit cocktail and a computer in the background




Are you ready to create a brand and website that’s as tantalising as your favourite cocktail? Look no further, because I’m the magic ingredient you’ve been searching for.

Just like a skilled mixologist crafting the perfect cocktail, I have the unique ability to blend brand strategy, creativity, and web design into a unique result. Think of me as the master behind the bar, ready to shake up your online presence and serve you a delightful fusion that leaves a lasting impression.

I’ll be there all the way, one sip at a time.

the brand mixologist brand identity and website design passionfruit cocktail victoria galleguillos smile
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services and price menu cover

Ready to Take the Next Sip?

Download my price menu today, and get a taste of what’s possible for your business. Your recipe for branding success awaits!

Frequently asked questions

Just like finding the perfect cocktail recipe, a successful collaboration relies on the right ingredients. I’ll mix our skills with your vision to create something delightful. Also, please check my portfolio and Instagram if you want to see more about my design style.

I specialise in designing custom websites using WordPress, the go-to choice for many businesses. With its flexibility, scalability, and extensive community support, it’s like using the finest ingredients in your favourite cocktail recipe. 

I ensure your website is easy to manage. With WordPress websites, we provide user-friendly video training, making it a breeze for you to update and maintain your online presence.

Creating a website involves more than just the initial build cost. But when it comes to website development, I specialise in WordPress, an open-source platform that helps keep additional costs to a minimum. With WordPress, the only ongoing expenses for a typical website are related to hosting and domain registration.

Domain registration generally runs about $20 per year.

I offer one hosting plan at the moment to help you with your business, this hosting plan includes backups, SSL certificates, and private server hosting. Clients also enjoy ongoing access to our high-level plugins. We’re here to make your website journey as smooth as possible.

Just as you can drink a cocktail in one go or take it in sips, we offer a couple of  payment plans to make your brand investment more manageable. Depending on the package it could be split into 2 to 4 payments. However, to secure your spot a 50% deposit from the total is required.

Crafting the perfect cocktail takes time, and so does creating a unique brand. Typically, if the process flows smoothly in a between 4 to 8 weeks depending on your package. 

I like to work in collaboration with my clients. The most important part that you need to have is a brand identity (I can also help you with this), copy-write text for all your website and professional photos.

Of course! I’m here to support your branding and design needs beyond our initial project. Whether it’s creating additional materials or shaking up new ideas, I’m ready to keep the creative cocktails flowing in our ongoing partnership.

ready to sip on success with a brand that truly resonates?


Fill up my enquiry form to get in contact with me to book a call to discuss how Bubbly Bliss could help to transform your business, brand and online presence.

ready to sip on success with a brand that truly resonates?


Fill up my enquiry form to get in contact with me to book a call to discuss how Bubbly Bliss could help to transform your business, brand and online presence.