WordPress hosting & care

This is the secret ingredient to keeping your website working 24/7, even while you’re sipping a cocktail and dreaming of your next business success. With this plan you will have your website shaking and stirring in tip-top shape.

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WordPress hosting & care

Stay focused on your business while I handle the rest

Refreshing your website and serving it from a dependable host is like tending to your cocktail bar – it keeps the party going smoothly.

Are you giving your website the attention it deserves?

Keep it updated, check malware and creating backups for your website is absolutely needed to keep it working as it should.

This hosting and care plan would ensure your website stays fresh, secure and ready to impress your audience. So, relax and let us take care of the behind-the-scenes work, just like your website’s personal bartender.

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Gin tonic: wordpress care plan

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Save 10% when paying annually
PER MONTH (GST included)


1. Dedicated Private Australian server (shared with up to 9 other Brand Mixologist Clients)

2. Website hosting on a secure server

3. Maintain active SSL certificate

4. Elastic Email transactional email service (to ensure forms, confirmation emails etc are delivered)

5. Daily backups stored in a secure offsite cloud location

6. Access to agency level plugin licences to improve site speed, SEO and design capability (worth over $400USD per year)

7. Real time security + hack attack monitoring

8. Weekly plugin, theme and core updates for added features and security patching

9. Monthly site optimisation (revision + database cleanup)

10. Monthly check for security risks, malware, blacklists and errors




Are you ready to create a brand and website that’s as tantalising as your favourite cocktail? Look no further, because I’m the magic ingredient you’ve been searching for.

Just like a skilled mixologist crafting the perfect cocktail, I have the unique ability to blend brand strategy, creativity, and web design into a unique result. Think of me as the master behind the bar, ready to shake up your online presence and serve you a delightful fusion that leaves a lasting impression.

I’ll be there all the way, one sip at a time.

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Ready to Take the Next Sip?

Download my price menu today, and get a taste of what’s possible for your business. Your recipe for branding success awaits!